The links and articles listed here have been mentioned by parents at the CI Circle discussion group and relate to some of the "hot topics" of conversation.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive list, but rather a set of uniquely relevant resources.  If you find an error on this page or have a site that you would like listed, please email the webmaster.

Speech, Language, and Auditory Development

Benchmarks for Deaf/HH Children with Early Amplification
Speech and Language Milestones (ASHA)
The Listening Room Activities (Advanced Bionics)
Auditory Options Project resources
Sound Foundations for Babies (Cochlear Americas)
Sounds of Speech Reference Card (Advanced Bionics)
Expected Test Scores for Preschoolers with a CI
Auditory Brain Development (Carol Flexer)

100 Best Websites for Speech-Language Pathologists (general)

Free On-line seminars for Parents and Professionals

HOPE courses (Cochlear Americas)
Advanced Bionics eLearning Library

On-line therapy resources in Other Languages

HICEN project (English, Deutsch, Español, Русский, Português)
ПОРА!/PORA! seminars (Русский & Deutsch)

CI Brand Choice

A CI Dad's CI Comparison Table

Advanced Bionics
Cochlear Corporation

Manufacturer links to educational materials, troubleshooting, etc.

FMs and Soundfield

Phonak Presentation on FM use with Cochlear Implants **
Phonak Configurator (Custom FM manuals on demand)
FrontRow Soundfield Systems
Lightspeed Technologies

Air Travel with cochlear implants

Advanced Bionics air travel info
Cochlear Americas air travel info

Waterproofing CIs

Swimming with a CI: the Foodsaver Method
Another swimming video

Useful products

CIWear Patented swim shirt that secures processors (Neptune, AquaCase, battery packs...)
SkinIt processor custom skins (AB brand)
SkinIt processor custom skins (Cochlear brand)
Pilot caps for babies by Hanna Anderson
Silkawear like the pilot caps, but designed with CIs in mind
Ear Gear HA/CI retainers offering some sweat protection
Critter Clips HA/CI retainers
aLoksak waterproof bag for swimming
Nammu Hats stylish, sun-protective swimming caps
Otter boxes waterproof storage for processors
Music Links telecoil compatible iPod stereo earhooks (US)
Wig tape selection (for helping secure BTEs to head)
It Stays! body adhesive works for processors
BuffWear head wear great for going under helmets, or to help keep head pieces on
Shrink wrap tubing for securing cables/connections
Rescue Tape another way to secure cables & connections source for inexpensive disposable CI batteries

Auditory-Oral Schools and Programs

(email us to have your school listed)
A Sound Beginning (Ellicott City, MD)
The Moog Center (St. Louis, MO and curriculum schools throughout US)
Central Institute for the Deaf (St. Louis, MO)
St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf (St. Louis, MO, Indianapolis, IN)
The River School (Washington, DC)
The Clarke School (locations in eastern USA)
Jean Weingarten School (Redwood City, CA)

** Membership in the cicircle group required for access to files marked with a double-asterisk (under Files at the cicircle yahoo group site)

About Programming/Mapping/Assessment

Mapping the Cochlear Implant
Considerations in Programming Cochlear Implants for Children
Pediatric CI Fitting Techniques (MedEl)
Intro to the CI MAP VIDEO (Cochlear Europe)
Mapping a Cochlear Implant (clarified)

Cochlear Implants for Children

Cochlear Implants for Children NEJM by Papsin and Gordon **
CI and Hearing Aid for Children

Genetics of Hearing Loss

Harvard Laboratory for Molecular Medicine deafness gene tests
Harvard Center for Hereditary Deafness booklets

Deaf-Blind and Usher resources

Coalition for Usher Syndrome Research

Bilateral Implants

Rationale for Bilateral Cochlear Implantation by R.B. Peters, MD
Binaural Hearing and Speech Lab, University of Wisconsin, Madison

CI and Hearing Aid together

Optimizing Biomodal Pediatric Fitting by Huart and Sammeth
What to Do With the Other Ear After CI by Tange et al.
Hybrid Cochlear Implant

CI failure

Soft failure concensus statement **
Towards Reliability Reporting Standards **
Multicenter failure study from Europe **

Insurance Advocacy

Cochlear Americas OMS Insurance Support
Bilateral Insurance Appeals
CI Insurance Advocacy Sheri Byrne-Haber lecture transcript

Auditory-Verbal Therapy

Unique Principles of AV Practice by Daniel Ling et al. **
Locate an A-V Therapist (LSLS)
Auditory Verbal Parents



Preschool Placement Checklist
Wrightslaw Special Ed Law Resources and Courses
Described and Captioned Media Program free captioned videos
CART Provider Directory

Helpful Organizations

AG Bell Academy (Auditory-Verbal Therapy)
Oberkotter Foundation (Auditory-Oral School directory; USA)
The John Tracy Clinic (correspondence course and summer program.  Based in California; accepts international families)
The Alexander Graham Bell Association (USA)
Hands and Voices (USA)
Voice for Hearing Impaired Children (Canada)
The Ear Foundation (UK)
Aussie Deaf Kids (Australia)

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