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Many of the members of CI Circle maintain blogs about their children.  Here is a sampling of some of these stories, organized by age.  If you are a member of the CI Circle discussion group on Yahoo and you have an active blog  that you would like to have listed here, please email the webmaster.  Please include a description similar to the ones here (50 words or less).

Infants and Preschoolers

ShadeTreeGiants A father of a newborn with profound hearing loss shares information and experiences about the journey towards speech acquisition.

Audrena's Ears Audrena was diagnosed with bilateral profound hearing loss at 12 months. Her first cochlear implant was activated in August of 2012, just before she turned 17 months.  Her second CI was activated in May 2013.

The Adventures of Butters "Butters," as he is affectionately called, was born with severe to profound hearing loss due to LVAS and Mondini malformation of the cochleas.  He received his first CI in February 2013 when he was about a year old and his second in the fall of the same year.

Noah, age 3, has rapidly decreasing hearing loss.  Read how his family is dealing with the decline in Noah's hearing as they travel down the road to cochlear implant approval.

My Bionic Ears
Rhianna lives in Malaysia.  She got a cochlear implant in September, 2009 when she was a little over 2 years old.

Stay-at-home mom Michelle blogs about her son, LJ, who got bilateral cochlear implants in the summer of 2009 when he was a year old. In 2011 LJ was also diagnosed with autism.
Madison was born in June 2011 with profound hearing loss in both of her ears.  She received bilateral cochlear implants in January 2012.  This is our family's journey.

The Account of Raising Our Arrows Ella Kate was born with bilateral sensory neural hearing loss into a hearing family.  She got her first CI at 17 months and will be getting her 2nd implant soon.  The blog chronicles her and her 2 older brothers.

Erin Toes and Her Cochlear Implant Journey
Erin's deafness was discovered soon after birth.  She received her first cochlear implant at 14 months of age and her second about a year later.  Her deafness is caused by connexin-26, a recessive gene that is a very common cause of hearing loss.

Sophia did not pass her newborn hearing screen.  She got bilateral cochlear implants when she was 8 months old.

For The Love of Ava
Ava got bilateral cochlear implants at 9 months of age in the spring of 2009.

Gavin Hears a Who! One deaf kid on a mission to hear. Gavin hears with bilateral CIs and has LVA.  (Check out the cover image of this blog!)

Life is Bliss
About Lily, who got bilateral CIs at 10 months of age in summer '08.  Lily's family uses an auditory-oral approach.

Kinnick Kay and Carver Lee
Kinnick and Carver are preemies -- 23-weekers -- who have multiple challenges including vision loss.  Carver is deaf and will be getting cochlear implants.

Beautiful Brinley
Brinley was born in late 2008. After relying on a Mom’s intuition and fighting for months with the insurance company, Brinley finally got a confirmed diagnosis of bilateral profound hearing loss a week before her first birthday. She gets her first CI in March 2010.

Ben's Journey To Hear
Ben was born in January of 2009 and his hearing loss was discovered right away.  He got his cochlear implant in early 2010.

Meet Cal
Calan gets a cochlear implant around his first birthday in August 2009.  Until then, he is using hearing aids and learning signs.

Tyler Can Hear You
Tara writes about her daughter, Tyler.  What is somewhat unique about their situation is that Tara has a moderate-severe hearing loss herself.

Fort Worth Golden Boy
Thomas has enlarged vestibular aqueducts (EVA/LVAS), so had fluctuating hearing.  He got a cochlear implant when he was 22 months old.

LiveLaughLove Family
Christian got his first implant at about a year of age in April, 2008.  Christian's deafness is caused by connexin-26 mutation.

Taylor's CI Journey
Taylor, born in mid-2008, fooled several hearing health professionals into thinking she could hear.  But around the time of her first birthday, her deafness was confirmed.  She got bilateral cochlear implants at age 14 months.

Good But Hard
Monrovia got bilateral cochlear implants in February, 2009 at 10.5 months of age. Her family lives in California.


This family has 3 kids, 2 with hearing loss.  The youngest one, Sophie, received an implant in September, 2008 at 20 months.

Ben's Big Family

Ben got bilateral CIs (simultaneously) in late '08

The Kohler Five
Courtney got a CI when she was a year old in October, 2008.  This site has a video from her activation.

Can you HEAR me?
Max's deafness was discovered at 18 months.  He got a cochlear implant at age 2 in May, 2007.

Zimmerman Family Briggs got his two CIs at 10 and 12 months in the spring of 2009.  He's deaf due to connexin-26 mutation.

Logan's New World
Logan had a fairly rapidly progressive hearing loss.  He became deaf by age 2 and got a cochlear implant.

No Peas
About Noah, a little guy with bilateral CIs, and his twin brother and big sister. 

Aiden's Journey
Aiden got his cochlear implant at age 10 months in February 2009

Mikaela's Path

Mikaela got her cochlear implant in late 2008 at age 1.

Life with Lucas
Lucas got his CI in early 2009 at age 1.

Insights of a mom with two implanted boys
This family of 7 children includes a one-year-old and a teen with cochlear implants.

Elementary School-age Kids

Ethan's World

Ethan was born in 2005 with congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV). He was born profoundly deaf and now hears through bilateral cochlear implants. Ethan is also apraxic and as a result uses ASL for his expressive communication.

Turn on My Ears
Drew was born in September 2006 with profound hearing loss in both ears. At 8 1/2 months of age, he became the youngest child in Ohio to receive simultaneous, bilateral cochlear implants.

The Lawrence Triplets
Think you've got your hands full?  This blog is about Cormac, who has has bilateral CIs, and his 2 brothers! (and baby sister!!)  Check out the blog and see how the Lawrences got their laundry room redone by Rachel Ray!

Our Journey to the Hearing World
Thomas was born in April, 2006.  He received his first cochlear implant when he was a year old and a second implant in his other ear a year later.

Morgan's Magical Ears
Morgan got a CI when she was 13 months old in June, 2007.

Tayten Matthew
Tayten's profound hearing loss was confirmed when he was 18 months old after many trips to the audiologist. He had passed in only one ear during repeated newborn screenings, and because of his family's prior lack of knowledge about hearing loss and lack of concern from professionals, no further testing was done until after age one.  Tayten received bilateral implants at age 2 in September, 2007.

Buzz's Journey - To Hearing and Beyond
Buzz's deafness was discovered by newborn hearing screening.  He received bilateral cochlear implants at 13 months.

Kevin's Journey into the Hearing World
Kevin was born in April, 2006 and received bilateral cochlear implants when he was 9 months old.  His deafness is caused by connexin-26 mutation.

Grendel's Kitchen
Li-Li was born in China in February 2006 and was adopted when she was a year old.  She's a bilateral CI user and in a bilingual-bicultural (English-ASL) school program.  This stunning website has great pictures from Li-Li's surgeries and documents her language growth.Rowe Family Adventures

In 2002, Isabella was deafened by meningitis as a young baby and got bilateral implants at 6 1/2 months of age.

Orange Ben's favorite color.  Ben uses a hearing aid in one ear and a cochlear implant in the other.  He got his cochlear implant when he was 8.5 months old.  His deafness is caused by connexin-26 mutation.

Chronicles Norah's adoption.  Norah has bilateral cochlear implants which she got sequentially at age 4 1/2 and almost 5.

Lotte Sofie
Lotte Sofie was born in 2002 and got bilateral cochlear implants in 2004.  Her parents have come up with a unique way for Lotte Sofie to wear her sound processors.  Her family lives in Scandinavia.

The Shaddox Boys
About, Elijah who has bilateral cochlear implants, and his brother Jacob.  Their mom, Mary, has been a teacher of the deaf since 1991.

Annika's Journey
Annika lost her hearing to bacterial meningitis as a young infant.  Her illness also left her with mild cerebral palsy.  Annika received bilateral cochlear implants at age 2.

Cochlear Kids

About Gage and Brooke, both of whom have CIs.  Their mom, Val, has written written a book with their speech-language pathologist called I'm All Ears

Miss Kat's Deaf Journey
Miss Kat has had a progressive hearing loss.  She communicates using ASL and spoken English.  She got a cochlear implant in November, 2008 at age 5.

Adventures in Solgatville
A family of 11 girls!  Their youngest and 4th-from-oldest both have cochlear implants.

Andrew is homeschooled and wears a CI. He also has ADD and  "other issues" and mom Amy blogs about life, homeschool, deafness and autism. Andrew is 8.

Not a blog but rather a guide to how the oral approach worked for one family.

Middle School and Beyond

CI Parent
Dean writes about his daughter, Nichole, who was a successful hearing aid user until she got a cochlear implant at age 15 and liked it so much she got another one in her other ear a year later.  Dean and Nichole have volunteered as subjects for hearing research studies.

The website and blog of a college student - Rachel Chaikof.  Rachel got her first cochlear implant when she was two and a half years old.  This site has video interviews that Rachel has made of other CI recipients. (Visit the Life tab.)

Lessons Learned from A

Naomi, from Australia, writes about her teenage son who inspires her.  He lost his hearing to meningitis at age 2 and received a cochlear implant soon after.  Naomi co-founded CI Circle and moderates the CI Circle Yahoo Group.

An American Mom in Tuscany: Jordan's Cochlear Implant Story

Jordan used hearing aids until age 8.  His mom, Jodi, co-authored a children's novel with her father  featuring a character with a cochlear implant.  Jodi's blog covers other topics besides deafness and cochlear implants.

Insights of a mom with two implanted boys
This family of 7 children includes a one-year-old and a teen with cochlear implants.


Paula Rosenthal is an adult with bilateral cochlear implants.  Her daughter has bilateral implants too!  The HearingExchange site is a blog as well as a very useful resource.

Rhonda has 2 kids in or approaching middle school, one with a CI.  She blogs about all kinds of stuff.

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