CI Circle Parents' FAQs

Some topics come up on the CI Circle discussion group more frequently  than others.  Here are some answers and thoughts on those topics from CI Circle parents.  This page will link to the CI Circle News blog, and links will be added as they come up. 

Topics are always being added to this page.  Check back again later to see of your favorite question has been answered, or go ask at the CI Circle discussion group.

What should I ask the surgeon about at the pre-op appointment?

Should my child get one or two implants?

I'd like our child to get bilateral implants, but should (s)he get them in one surgery or two?

Which brand of cochlear implant should I pick for my child?

Where can I find an auditory-verbal therapist?

Should my child use an FM system at school?

How should I be communicating with my child?

What is a TOD?

How do you waterproof a CI?

How can I keep the CI from falling off of my child's head?

What do you do when you go through airport screening?

I’m planning a trip to Disneyland (or Disneyworld). What do I need to know for my child with cochlear implants?

Do Deaf families ever choose CIs for their kids?

Am I doing enough?

Will we ever "get there?"

What kinds of emotions do fathers experience?